...and I hope you enjoy your stay on my website. After picking up a few new hobbies and never really getting done with the older version, I thought it was time for a radical change. I hope you will find something remotely interesting, informative or even inspiring here (the latter of course mainly referring to the wonderful photos of my girlfriend Rikita)....

...and sorry...

...for subjecting you to this building site which will hopefully be finished one day. So, I hope you don't get frustrated, when some of the buttons don't work as yet - it's work in progress, so for the time being I will announce which sections have actually something in it already:


The English version of the climbing section is online now, press the climbing button to get to the sub-menu.

The climbing blog is also online now.


The German version of the site and the climbing page, including the German blog is online now.


The English climbing links page is online now.


The German climbing links page is online now. So are the German and English contact forms in the climbing section - sorry, I was too lazy to create my own and used a robot - unfortunately it didn't allow me to put English labels on there. Still they should be understandable even without any knowledge of the German language.


The first gallery is up and running, in the English as well as in the German climbing section.


After wasting a lot of time and energy on a database and setting up asp.net controls, just to discover that support for that isn't part of my current hosting packet, I managed to put up the score-sheets for sport climbing, trad climbing and bouldering in the English as well as German climbing section.

2 more galleries are up.