Sport Climbing

This section contains all routes I have climbed on the lead so far. You can sort the table by clicking on the headers.


Route Country Region Rock Rock Type Grade Date of ascent Protection Anchor Comment
West-Wand Germany Bodensteiner Klippen Hauptturm Sandstone 4+ (5.5) 08.03.2008 3 bolts yes Easy route, nice to climb. First bolt at around 6 m
Nord-Riß Germany Bodensteiner Klippen Hauptturm Sandstone 5- (5.5/5.6) 08.03.2008 1 bolt yes Nice route, you can use two bolts from the neighbouring route in the lower part.
Pieksriß Germany Ith Teufelstrichter Limestone 6- (5.8) 18.05.2008 2 bolts yes Nice route, around 25 m of interesting climbing
Pernod-Dach Germany Ith Breite Wand Limestone 6+ (5.9/5.10a) 31.05.2008 1 bolt yes A tricky little roof, bit of an odd movement to reach it, besides very nice
Die Handfeste Germany Ith NW-Buchenschluchtfels Limestone 5 (5.6/5.7) 31.05.2008 1 bolt yes Not easy on the lead, a bit of jamming your body into a crack
Schöne Wand Germany Ith NW-Buchenschluchtfels Limestone 4 (5.4) 31.05.2008 1 bolt yes I climbed it, but can't remember anything about it.
Nachlese II Germany Ith Wilhelm-Raabe-Klippe Limestone 5+ (5.7/5.8) 01.06.2008 1 bolt yes Interesting route, was a tad more difficult because of wetness
Direkte Platte Germany Ith Wilhelm-Raabe-Klippe Limestone 6- (5.8) 01.06.2008 2 bolts yes Again a wet, slippery pleasure, else really nice
West-Kante Germany Ith Kamel Limestone 5+ (5.7/5.8) 01.06.2008 2 bolts yes Very nice long route, one bit somewhat tricky on the lead
Kesselweg Germany Ith Mittagsfels Limestone 5- (5.5/5.6) 01.06.2008 1 bolt yes Very slippery after the bolt, else really nice
Wühlebärwand Germany Brunkenser Klippen Risswand Limestone 6- (5.8) 15.06.2008 2 bolts yes Nice route, was a bit slippery after rainfalls earlier